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Tour Point is tour operator in Baltic states - Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. If you are interested in the history, nature and culture of the Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) then you will most definitely find one of our holidays tours very appealing to you. We will ensure that you have an enjoyable experience. We have special tours designed to cater for any taste and desires and it is our goal to fulfill your wishes. All of our tours are private and customizable, developed to suit your interests, time and budget. During the tours we are offering: Visit  the most popular sightseeing places in Baltics, transportation: modern minivan with 2 to 19 passenger seats equipped with an audio system and an air conditioner and driven by an experienced driver. Transfers around Baltic and Europe with comfortable transport. We provide tours in: Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Chinese, Japanese languages. Book now your tour!




Uldis (ENG, RUS)

This job for me is passion. I am local historian, and yes, I have some additional education what helps me on our way, like master degree, some certificates, and some postgraduate courses. But in general all this have no sense, because I want not teach you about my country and repeat scrolls of web resources or ancient folios. I like to help feel my country and catch a miracle of its beauty. I want bring you all around Latvia or trough all Baltic States let you never forget one of most beautiful spots on this planet.


Buongiorno! Mi chiamo Diana. Sono guida turistica autorizzata. La storia, la cultura e l"architettura sono la mia vera passione. Con molto piacere vi farò scoprire ed apprezzare il fascino irripetibile della Lettonia e di Riga, mia città natale. Scoprirete i palazzi bizzarri e stravaganti dello Stile Liberty a Riga. Lo spirito dell"aristocrazia, l"atmosfera medievale delle viuzze e la riservatezza nordica della capitale baltica più elegante. La Lettonia è il paese dell"ambra, dei boschi di pino lungo le spiagge e delle cicogne bianche. Lettonia..., il suo ricordo non vi abbandonerà mai.


Ich heiße Aija. Ich bin eine professionelle Fremdenführerin seit 2005. Ich führe aktiv in Lettland und ich kann sicher behaupten - das ist mein Hobby. Ich Reise selbst gerne und dabei habe ich festgestellt das am besten können die Einheimischen das Land zeigen. Ich werde mich freuen Ihnen mein Lettland näher bringen zu dürfen!


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